There's Snow Time Like The Present!

Winter weather can take a big toll on your vehicle, even after the snow, ice, rain, and harsh driving conditions become a thing of the past. A few simple tips from Ben's Auto Body in Mexico, MO can reduce winter damage and help drivers maintain and protect their second-largest investment. Ben's Auto Body is the Mid Missouri area's foremost collision center and expert in automotive exteriors.

From the salt, sludge, and road debris that eats away at your paint and exterior to the nicks and dings that can come with driving on slick roads, Ol’ Man Winter is tough on your vehicle. However a few easy tips from Ben's Auto Body experts can help motorists remove winter damage more quickly than they put away their winter coats and get their vehicle ready for spring, while improving the looks, performance, and long-term value of their car or truck.

The secret is getting your motor vehicle thoroughly washed and restored, removing the salt and sand that can cause rust and damage a car’s finish, then evaluating little dents and dings that can become major headaches if left in disrepair. Ben's Auto Body in Mexico, Missouri, which also helps Columbia, Fulton, and Centralia, MO, offers the following suggestions for eliminating winter grime:

winter weather driving tips spring cleaning Missouri auto body mo headlight restoration1.    Give it a good bath with car wash soap to remove winter salt, sand, dirt, and grime without getting rid of wax protection.

2.    Clean the engine bay to remove damaging residue. Heat up the engine for several minutes, then spray water throughout the engine compartment with a hose and nozzle. Spray the underbody of the vehicle and all of the wheel wells to remove salt and sand.

3.    Get rid of the tar and debris with an adhesive and wax remover. Just put it on with a microfiber cloth, leave it there for several minutes to loosen dirt, old wax, and tar, then wipe off.

4.    Clean the wheels and tires to get rid of brake dust, salt, and highway grime.

5.    Restore tires to brand new finish with a tire restorer. Just spray on and wipe off for a deeply black shine.

6.    Give the automobile a good protective coat of synthetic wax that chemically bonds with the clear coat finish to keep your car’s finish looking great.

7.    Lubricate the door, hood, and trunk hinges, locks, and other moving parts with a spray lubricant that lubricates, penetrates, displaces water, and resists corrosion.

8.    Get the glass clean inside and out for sparkling windows.

9.    Clean and safeguard the upholstery with a leather and vinyl restorer, which revives the natural sheen and soft feel of the factory finish.

10.    Clean the car’s carpet to eliminate winter salt and dirt.

Ben's Auto Body wants to help remind motorists there is just one more step in the spring cleaning process. That’s inspecting for exterior damage, triggered by winter road debris, potholes, and icy conditions, all of which can leave dents, dings, and scratches hiding under your car’s cold weather coat of sludge. They advise carrying out a thorough inspection of the vehicle from bumper to bumper and that you take note of any new damage. Don’t forget – simple scratches and minor dents can turn into rust spots and even bigger problems if left untreated.

The certified technicians at Ben's Auto Body in Mexico, MO can give a comprehensive “spring cleaning” program for your automobile, including paint touch-up, dent and scratch repair, and more, all at a reasonable cost.