Flood Damaged Cars Wash Up In Central Missouri

Several sections of our nation have been besieged of late by extreme hurricanes and flooding. Unfortunately, that indicates our entire country will undoubtedly be assailed by flood-damaged vehicles being palmed off as any other secondhand car. The automotive data firm called Black Book made the estimation that roughly half a million automobiles will be rendered useless by Hurricane Harvey alone. A lot of less-than-reputable dealers will try to take advantage of this tragedy by purchasing flood-damaged vehicles for cheap and reselling them on the other side of the country to unwarned customers.

To stop yourself from being taken advantage of by this horrible scheme, you have to know how to tell a flood-damaged vehicle from some other automobile that might be perfectly fine to drive. Automobiles that have been inundated with floodwaters might work fine for some time, but weeks, months, or perhaps years later you might be up a creek without a paddle, or so to speak. Here are some tips for you from your friends at Ben's Auto Body on how not to become hoodwinked by this plague that is sure to hit Centralia, Fulton, and Mexico, MO.

flood damage collision repair facility auto body shop used car hail damage paintless dent repair estimatesBefore you so much as open the door or pop the hood, take a look at the lights on the car. A water line might well show on the lense or reflector, which is a sure sign of flood damages. Auto body dents might indicate other damage as well.

Once you have begun having a look at the cab, take a look at the carpet to see if there is a lot of muddy stains on the upholstery. Some clever dealerships will even go so far as to set all new carpet in an old vehicle to fool you. Therefore, be weary of new carpet in an old car. Look for mud around the brackets or panels as well. Muddy water can even seep into the trunk and cause a noticeable stain. If you see that the mounting screws have been removed, it might be an indication that somebody removed the seats to clean.

Obviously, you will also have to check under the hood too. If you do not feel confident enough to do so on your own, Ben's Auto Body in Mexico, MO can do this for you before you buy the automobile. Water lines can appear in the engine easily because they are hard to get rid of completely. It ought to be noted that exposed screws might show indications of corrosion if they have spent time submerged. Automobiles which have rubber drain plugs ought to be checked to see if those plugs have been pulled recently. Obviously, that suggests flood damage.

Central Missouri is not immune from the outcomes of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Flood-damaged automobiles are an extremely serious issue even in our land-locked state. If you are checking out the possibility of buying a used vehicle and you are not sure if it has flood damage, you have the right to take it to an auto shop to have it evaluated before you buy it. Ben's Auto Body would be more than happy to assist you with a vehicle inspection or any other auto body repair.