Cool Your Jets with Summer Coolant System Maintenance

The well-known image of car issues is a car on the side of the road with the hood up and fumes flowing out of the engine. You can't travel past a scene like that without feeling sorry for the hapless guy or gal stuck in that situation. But what happens if you are the one in that scenario? Well, the best thing is to know what is taking place and what to do about it. The good news is, the auto body repair specialists at Ben's Auto Body in Mexico, MO are right here to help you figure out what you need to know.

If your car is having some sort of exhaust coming out of the engine, your motor is overheating, which is especially prevalent on hot summer days in Mexico, MO. Other signs that your motor is overheating include when the temperature gauge needle is all the way up and whenever the temperature alert light gets on.

hail damage collision repair center auto body coolant system maintenanceIf any of those things happen, you have to straight away pull over to the edge of the highway and switch your motor off. I know it is going to be very alluring to go to the next town over and find a shop or something, but that is an undeniably awful idea. You could not even conceive of all the things which could go wrong if you do that. Your engine may completely burn out or you could burn up the radiator. Regardless, those are the sort of expensive repair which make it worth contacting a Mexico, MO tow truck.

Obviously, the most immediate and well-known solution is to douse your engine in water or a fifty-fifty blend of antifreeze and water. However, that is not really getting to the heart of the problem. To get to that, you need to know what is going wrong.

For one thing, it may be that you have a leaking radiator hose or maybe even from the radiator itself. Actually, that is most likely the most usual issue that can result in an overheating motor. If you observe that there is some type of liquid dripping from your motor, make sure to check your coolant level. If you are having to constantly top off your coolant, it would be most ideal to go ahead and have that fixed once and for all. Do not play around whenever it comes to coolant system repair services.

If you are not having problems with coolant leaving the coolant system, maybe you are having trouble with air getting in. It is not uncommon for some gas to get stuck in there and basically burden the whole system. It is a rather easy fix to get that dealt with, but the outcomes of ignoring the problem are not so simple. It may also be a concern with the water pump. Because the water pump also pumps coolant throughout the system, a malfunction of the water pump will make your engine not get the coolant it needs to have.

Another breakdown that could make motor not get the coolant it requires is a malfunction of the thermostat. Just like the thermostat in your house, the thermostat in your vehicle regulates how much coolant is permitted to get in the engine and cool it. If that malfunctions, you are in major trouble.

Thankfully, the auto body professionals at Ben's Auto Body in Mexico, MO can transform that big trouble into an inconvenience. Whether you are caught on the side of the road somewhere or in their auto body shop in Central Missouri, they are here to assist you with whatever summer maintenance or coolant system repairs you may require.